George Harris

This is dedicated to the Marines of A/1/4,
As well as all Marines,
Past and present,
Especially the Vietnam Veterans.


My name is George Harris. I served with "Alpha" Co., 1/4 from August 1968 thru August 1969 as an Artillery
Forward Observer. I was attached to them from "G" Battery, 3/12. This is a compilation of photos and recollections.

This shot was taken--I don't know when.
[L to R] George Harris (Arty FO), Floyd "Okie" Crane (Arty RO), Tom Tucker (81mm FO) and Steve Bush (81mm RO).

Weapons cache found in the DMZ. On the left is Griggs, who became squad leader of 1st squad 1st platoon.

The map shows "A" Co. movements between 16 Sept. and 2 Oct., 1968, during Operation Trousdale in the DMZ.
We were dropped off just south of the Ben Hai River. We found the cache mentioned above; I fired a mission into North Vietnam
(just north of the river) and we were extracted on the 2nd of October and taken back to LZ "Stud."

The map (above) shows Hill 471 (lower left - 868352) where we were located when we made a
sweep SSE of Khe Sahn in early October, 1968. I believe we were dropped off at Hill 549 (885362),
humped around, and found a mass graveyard of NVA graves. They had been killed by their own people,
supposedly, when they had refused to get themselves killed by attacking the Marine base at Khe Sahn
during that siege in early 1968. The NVA bodies we found had been killed with their own entrenching
tools embedded in their skulls. FSB Stormy is shown at 945426. The road (red line) running along the
river is route 9 running from Ca Lu and "Stud" to the right heading towards Khe Sahn to the left.

"Okie" Crane on Hill 471 on 8 October, 1968. I believe he was ordering a cheese pizza to go.

Right to Left:
Mike Perkins (flipping knife), Gary Yarbrough (middle), Chet Frankowski (bush hat), Jack "Doc" Broz (gloved hand).

Mike Perkins in the foreground; Doc Broz in the background.

Map (above) showing the location of FSB Ghurka at coordinates 827482. It was located NW of Khe Sahn (now closed)
And NW of Hill 950 (845455). The Khe Sahn airstip is circled at the bottom. FSB Quantico was about 3 clicks to the east (right).
I realize that "Ghurka" is misspelled on the map.

A CH-53 with a 105 at Quantico. This picture was sent to me by
Charlie Lamb who said the chopper blew away his rubber lady.

A/1/4 moved from Quantico (875424) to LZ Ghurka (825482) in late October, 1968. I went out on
my first night ambush west of Ghurka. Lt. Dave Wallingford took over the FO team on Ghurka in
November. Charlie Lamb sent me these and other photos.

At Ghurka, John "Arkansas" Wyatt at left and John "Shorty" Alexander in poncho hooch.

A Church Service at Ghurka.

"Arkansas" to the left and "Lamb" on the right, at their fighting hole on Ghurka.
Got this picture from Charlie Lamb

The swimming hole at Ghurka. I had heard that it was created by a 5,000lb. bomb which
I had never heard of. I think it might have been an early "daisy cutter." I remember coming off
of a patrol one day along the far back wall and jumping in.
No wonder my M-16 had problems operating

Charlie Lamb at left and "Shorty" cleaning their weapons.

The map (above) traces A/1/4 movements between 12 - 26 Nov., 1968 during Operation Argonne.
We were choppered to FSB Argonne from FSB Ghurka on 13 Nov. and set out on the 14th.
We managed to find our way into Laos for a short period. It was probably the worst operation I was ever on.
The weather was awful and re-supply was infrequent. We moved around and were extracted on 26 Nov. and taken to FSB Alpine (757532)
To stand lines for "G" Btry, 3/12. No pictures are available, yet, from this operation

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