May 11, 1969 - M-60 tank that hit a mine as we were moving from Oceanview
Back south to Cua Viet. One KIA, one WIA. We got to walk through the minefield.

Resupply ship at Cua Viet.

May 11, 1969 - "A" Co. on a boat going from Cua Viet back to Dong Ha.

2nd from right is "G" Btry, 3/12 Headquarters at Quang Tri.

"D" Med in Quang Tri. Too many Marines went through there.

1st Bn., 4th Marine area at Quang Tri.

May 15, 1969 - Phu Bai airport. Stopped there on the flight from Dong Ha to Danang for R&R in Sydney.

15th Aerial Port -- the air terminal at Danang.

May 25, 1969 - Annette "Annandale Annie" Stevens and her niece Vicky at the Sydney Zoo.

June 6, 1969 - CH-34 I caught at LZ Sally (at "Stud") to rejoin A/1/4 at Neville.

At Neville.
(L to R) Mike Harper (81mm FO), Dennis "Jingles" Gengler (Co. RO) and yours truly with new shades.

A map with patrol locations between LZ Greene and LZ Neville. Also areas patrolled north and south of those LZ's.

June 22, 1969 - One of the hooches from "a regimental staging area" we found during an operation to Hill 838.

June 26,1969 - Bill Scherwitz (RO) and myself waiting to be choppered back to "Stud."

One of the CH-46's loading up to take A/1/4 back to "Stud."

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