"The Witches Tit" -- A rock formation similar to "the Rockpile" (but much smaller), east of "the Rockpile," down Rt. 9.
After we got back from the previous operation to Hill 838, we went back to "Stud" and then went out and swept the hills
North of "Stud," between "Stud" and Rt. 9.

July 2, 1969 - (L to R) Dennis "Jingles" Gengler (Co. RO), Lt. Dan Keefe (Arty FO), Capt. Henry "Buzz" Buse ("A" Co. CO),
Myself and Mike Harper (81mm FO) waiting by Rt. 9 for trucks to take us back to "Stud."
Lt. Keefe is looking very professional with the binoculars.

The map above shows the mountains north of "Stud" where we swept late June, early July 1969.
I believe we ended up along Rt. 9 at coordinates 995559, where we were picked up and trucked back to "Stud."
The "Witches Tit" is located at coordinates 003564. At coordinates 994537, I buried/discarded my cassette tape player
Which I had humped since January. It had been heavily abused as there were many times I had to use a PRC-25 battery
To run it when no "D" size batteries were available. Civilians will be amazed to hear that there were no 7-11's available to us out in the bush.
Just NW of the "Rockpile" was an 8 inch battery, which Lt. Wally took command of after he returned from the hospital in Japan.

Ca Lu Ville. After the sweep of the hills north of "Stud," we stood lines from July 2-9 on the east perimeter of "Stud."
During this time, I went on a "MedCap" to Ca Lu Ville.

July 9, 1969 - At Cua Viet.
(L to R) Jim Topham (81mm RO), Bill Cline (Arty RO), myself, Bill Scherwitz (Arty RO) and Lt. Dan Keefe (Arty FO).
In front, Mike Harper (81mm FO).

(L to R) (unidentified), Sam Dever, myself, Mike Harper and Dennis Gengler at Cua Viet.

On July 23, 1969 "A" Co. went back to Ca Lu to stand lines for "G" Btry.
These M-60 tanks came down to help out with the security. We had been with them before
And I liked the "Playboy Bunny" on the searchlight cover. In the background is "G" Btry., 3/12, my home battery.

The hooch I shared with Mike Harper at Ca Lu. The guy to the left is a very "buff" Ken Freeto.

The map above shows Ca Lu where I spent my last days with A/1/4.
I shuffled between here and the rear, always seeming to end up back with the grunts either here or at "Stud."
Finally, though, the end came and I went back to "the world."

At Ca Lu - (L to R) "Gunny" Olivar, Walt Weiland and Mike Harper. "Gunny" was cooking up some dehydrated steaks - a real picnic.

CP bunker at Ca Lu. "Gunny" Olivar sitting by the entrance.

Sgt. Davis from the 2nd platoon back at "Stud" on Sparrow Hawk.

At "Stud" on Sparrow Hawk, "Otto" Warenki. There have been discussions about
Whether corpsmen deserve to be dealt with as Marines and my input is that they are Marines.
Anybody who spends more than a day with "Grunts" is a Marine.

At "Stud" - (L to R) Bill Cline, Bill Scherwitz, Mike Harper and yours truly.

Walt Weiland, from La Grange, Indiana.

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