At "Stud" on Sparrow Hawk.

(L to R, back) Fitzpatrick, myself, Dennis Gengler.
(L to R, front) Bill Cline, Walt Weiland and Mike Harper.

When we were on Sparrow Hawk, we were on a 10 minute alert to go into the field to help someone in trouble.
Luckily no one was in trouble that night. Weiland never could get his cover on right.

Same as above with new face on right. Last picture of me taken in Vietnam.
I wish all my time over there could have been spent like this but that was not what it was all about.
There are faces I can't put names to and names I can't put faces to, but you all helped me make it through and for that I thank you all.

Aug. 11, 1969 - This is the plane I took from Dong Ha to Danang on my way home.

This OV-10 Bronco flew alongside us for a while on our way to Danang.
His presence was as appreciated then as it was when I was out in the bush.

August 16, 1969.
First view of "The World" as we headed into Travis AFB, CA. in the early morning. What a beautiful sight!

Separation Barracks at Treasure Island, San Francisco, CA. where I was discharged
From USMC and went home to civilian life, never to be the same again and better for it.

Twin Peaks, SF.

(L to R) Dave Corcoran, Gael Champion (John Champions' sister) and John Champion.

I met John when we were roommates at UMass in 1966. He joined the year after me and was just finishing
Language school at The Presidio in Monterey. He shipped out to 'Nam and reported to "G" Btry. but was then transferred
To ANGLICO where he served calling in Naval Gunfire in Northern I Corp. He got a purple heart and resides in Andover, MA.

I am his oldest son Mark's godfather. Gael married Dave.

Another picture taken at Twin Peaks on 24 August 1969.

John Champions parents, who had come out to see him off to Vietnam.
They were a great help to my readjustment to "The World" as John's father
Used to give me the same "looks" as my own father when I messed up.

A picture of Sgt. "Ski's" grave site at Golden Gate National Cemetary, taken on Memorial Day in 2001 by Ted Stalzer.

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