Me out on patrol with 1st platoon, west of Alpine.

Gun #4, "G" Btry, 3/12 at Alpine.

Map (above) showing FSB Alpine at 755530 in the middle of the picture.
Also shown is the relation to Ghurka and Argonne where we had previously been and would return to,
As well as Neville where we were later on. Ted Stalzer sent me this map.

"Okie" and me at Alpine.

A shot of the mountain range north of Alpine.
In late March of 1969 we walked out of Alpine and skirted to the right on to Greene on another "walk in the jungle."

"Rex" the scout dog at Alpine.

Cpt. Ken Russom, my first "Skipper" with A/1/4. I credit the success of A/1/4 to the two "Skippers"
we had while I was with them. He and "Buzz" Buse were exemplary in their concern for their men
and their obligation to them. I believe this was taken at FSB Alpine after the Argonne operation.

A shot at Alpine (I think) with Lt. Wally on right and (unknown) at left.

Captain Russom and "Doc" (?). I think this was taken while we were at Alpine.
Some of these pictures were sent to me by Dan Colombe, whom he received from Tom Tucker.

I believe this was taken at OP Texas in August, 1968.
[L to R] George Harris, Dan Colombe and guitarman (?). He looks like "Okie."

[L to R] Harry Dorsey, "Cliff" Clifton and Dan Colombe behind a 60 mm mortar tube.
This might have been on Mack or Russell.

In back is "Okie." Up front is Dan Colombe, to the right of him is yours truly and I don't
remember who the blond is. This was taken either at Alpine or Russell.

Danny Colombe. I believe it was taken on Mack or Russell.

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