End of November or early December, 1968 at FSB Alpine.
(Left) Tom Tucker (81mm FO) and George Harris (Arty FO).

Gun #6 emplacement from "G" Btry, 3/12 at FSB Alpine. "Kelly" at right.

View from Alpine with Hill 950 on right and 1050 to left. "G" Btry 105 in foreground.

Dec. 11, 1968 at Alpine. Me with Tom Tucker's new Colt 357 Magum revolver.

(L) Roger "Clem" Clemons (M79 blooper) and Tom Tucker. Clem was injured by a chi/com
and medivac'd on November 21, 1968 during operation Argonne. I believe this picture was taken at Alpine.

Charles "Cliff" Clifton (front) and Larry Bosko (50 cal.) at Alpine.

Picture from Tom Tucker. I believe this was taken on FSB Alpine in early December 1968.
(L to R) Me, "Okie," Tom Tucker and Steve Labady.

Another picture sent to me by Tom Tucker. It was taken at "Stud" around December 16, 1968.
(L to R) Lt. Dave Wallingford (Arty FO), "Okie" Crane, Tom Tucker.

(L to R) Cpt. Russom, Dennis "Jingles" Gengler and Lt. Wally at Cam 12/68.
We were getting ready to get on the trucks to go to Dong Ha to catch a ship to Cua Viet for in country R&R.

Lt. Wally on a sixby heading to Dong Ha, Christmas, 1968.

Lt. Wally and myself on the boat to Cua Viet, December 1968.

The map above shows Dong Ha (lower left center), where we boarded boats to take us to an in country R&R center
at Cua Viet, which was at the mouth of the Cua Viet River. The R&R site was located on the north side of
the river on the Gulf of Tonkin. It was on this trip that some squids "gave" me a flag that I flew at
FSB Russell and elsewhere while in country. I flew it when I got home until it was stolen off my
flag pole. When we returned to the area in April 1969, I spent a few days up at Oceanview with
1st platoon. The DMZ is the area just north of the dark demarcation line at the top.

A picture I got at "the reunion." This was taken at Cua Viet Christmas 1968 when they brought cold
beer to us in the back of a sixby. If you look closely you can see a few cans in the air.

12/25/1968 - Another shot from Cua Viet Christmas 1968. There was a USO show we got to attend.
Front row, 2nd from right is Mike Harper. Farthest back, furthest left is Tom Tucker.

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