Left to Right:
Lt. Grant Decker (getting a haircut), Griggs in the middle, and John "Arkansas" Wyatt.

A sweep of the beach north of Cua Viet. John Wyatt in the foreground and Doc Broz near the water.

Arkansas on patrol at Cua Viet.

The map (above) shows the location of FSB Russell at coordinate 911591 (northwest of "The Rock Pile").
I was with one platoon from A/1/4 there after our stay at Cua Viet until early February, 1969 when we went back to Stud.
The other two platoons were on Neville (823577) and "LZ Mack" (968618).
On February 12, 1969 Russell and Neville were hit by the NVA and almost overrun.

January 19, 1969 (my 22nd birthday).
Danny Colombe (60mm) and me outside my hooch on FSB Russell.
The flag was given to me by squids on the boat taking us from Dong Ha to Cua Viet for in country R&R in December, 1968.
The beer was warm, but who cared.

January, 1969 - A shot of the inside of my hooch on Russell.
I built it out of 105mm ammo boxes and it served me well. It had all the comforts of home.
I had a small speaker that I wired over to the "H" Btry, 3/12, FDC bunker so that I could have music piped in whenever I wanted.
The 38 police Special in the background was deemed inappropriate for killing NVA, so I had to stop carrying it.
Leslie Bianchini, Miss January 1969 is featured. A friend from home, Gretchen Currier, sent me a subscription to Playboy.

Lt. Grant Decker, 1st Platoon Commander, "A" Co., 1/4 at Russell, January, 1969.

January, 1969 - Cpl. Plummer at FSB Winchester (just down the ridge line, west of Russell).
He was a Squad Leader, 1st Platoon, A/1/4. We went over there and checked out the old FSB
And blew up some left over ammo as well as some NVA ammo. I found an NVA pith helmet that
I still have hanging over my toilet. I believe Plummer went on to DI School at San Diego.

Charlie Lamb on LZ Russell.
1st platoon was on the trash dump side of Russell and Charlie's hooch was right by the dump.
Charlie is chowing down on peaches & poundcake!

Lamb's hooch on Russell.
Left to Right: Ed Wyatt, Joseph Stahora (radio operator), Pete Guerro, Gary Adkins, and Keith "tattoo" Cronin. Nice hooche.

While I was on FSB Russell with first platoon, the rest of the company was on FSB Neville and LZ Mack.

Tom Tucker and I at FSB Russell in the dugout that became my hooch. The guy with us was not happy.

January, 1969 - A shot from my hooch looking west to Winchester.
Further out and to the left would be FSB Neville. My brother (Army 1st Lt.) was at Winchester in late 1969 during his tour.

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