"Okie" standing next to our hooche on Signal Hill. I think we were socked in the entire 10 days
We were on Signal Hill with 3rd Platoon and some 60mm personnel. Danny Colombe was a casualty
During our stay due to poor policing of the area by the previous 60mm group.

Cpl. Richard "Hutch" Hutchinson (Arty FO) at "Stud." Actually, that is what he really looked like (sorry, Hutch).
He is the person responsible for getting me assigned to "A" Co., and for that I can't thank him enough. He was last seen at Quantico.

A shot of me at "Stud". I wanted to show this to point out the characature of the "walking middle finger" on my cover,
Which expressed how I was feeling at the time. I had to remove it later.

(L to R, back) Sam Dever, myself, Tom Tucker.
(L to R, front) Harry Dorsey, Sgt Ski, and Ed "Fast Eddie" Coleman at "Stud."

March 3, 1969 - Sgt. "Ski" and yours truly at "Stud" waiting to go to Chopper Hill.

March 3, 1969 - At "Stud" waiting to be trucked out to LZ Pete and then on to Chopper Hill.
The picture is looking north towards "the Rockpile." The tallest grunt (right-center) is Charlie Lamb, first squad, 1st platoon, M-79 blooper.

Squadron of CH-46's coming into "Stud" from the north (from Quang Tri).
Basically following Rte. 9 from Quang Tri, past "the Rockpile" into "Stud."

1st Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment, 3rd Marine Division COC at "Stud."

March 3, 1969 - Convoy from "Stud" out to LZ Pete. Heading north out of "Stud" on Rte. 9 towards "the Rockpile."

A view of "the Rockpile" looking north from Rte. 9.

Still on Rte 9, heading east towards Cam Lo, getting ready to turn left towards the northwest and LZ Pete.

"The Rockpile" from LZ Pete. The view is about due south.

As soon as we got to LZ Pete we got rocketed with 122mm's. Lt. "Wally" and I went out to do a
Crater analysis to determine the direction of the incoming. He determined that they had come from the north.
That is why he was an officer and got paid the big bucks.

Lt. "Wally" digging out for our hooch on Chopper Hill.
I had figured out first that the 122's had come from the north and had won the bet.

Cpl. Mike Perkins (from Dorchester, MA), 1st Platoon Senior Radio Operator
Sitting in front of our hooch that "Wally" had worked so diligently on.

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