Charlie Lamb at Chopper Hill. He was part of a party that went down to retrieve
Water and C-rats that had been dropped down the side of the hill by mistake.
His "Fred Flintstone" outfit was one of the 'chutes that failed to open.

Gary Adkins and skull on Chopper Hill.

This map gives an idea of the locations of "the Rockpile," LZ Pete, Chopper Hill and LZ Mack.
Dong Ha mountain is shown off to the right of LZ Pete.

CH-46 shot down on LZ Mac. Supposedly named after the chopper pilot,
Lt. "Mac," who was wounded in the butt during the shootdown.

3rd Platoon area on Chopper Hill.

March 11, 1969 - Eddie Toledo, Bn. RO, on his way back from Chopper Hill.

LZ Pete in the foreground with "the Rockpile" in the far background.

Area used by a unit on Sparrow Hawk (10 minute standby) at "Stud."

Charlie Lamb at Stud while we were on "Sparrow Hawk." He was an M-79 man with 1st platoon.
This picture was taken just before we headed out for Purple Martin (Argonne).
He was medivac'd on Aug. 10, 1969.

Choppers bringing in 1/9 from A Shau Valley to LZ "Stud."

March 21 or 22, 1969 - Lt. Mike Meyers (Princeton, NJ), 2nd Platoon Commander, on the way
To FSB Argonne for the start of Operation Purple Martin. We had been choppered over from
FSB Alpine to the southern base of Argonne. "D" 1/4 assaulted FSB Argonne.

(L to R) Don McMahon (Arty RO), myself, Lt. Wally, Jerry Gellert (Arty RO), Mike "Super Hawg" Harper (81mm FO)
And Steve Labadie (81mm RO). I was in Jerry Gellert's wedding party up in Milwaukee a few years later.

March 22 or 23, 1969. "A/1/4" moving through recently napalmed area heading towards FSB Argonne.

March 23 or 24, 1969. Yours truly on the way to Argonne and Hill 1154.

Lt. "Wally" looking like a Holy Cross NROTC graduate.
Now that I see this picture again, I am convinced that "Stud" was named for him.
I went to his wedding, years ago and he and his wife (still) came to mine in 1971.
He resides in upstate New York. A few years back (after 25 years of not corresponding),
I called him and when I told him who it was, the first words out of his mouth were: "Mama's Boy."

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