May 1, 1969 -- Convoy taking us from "Stud" to Dong Ha to catch a boat to Cua Viet.
We closed down Greene on April 29th and were choppered back to "Stud."
This bridge was over the Khe Gio (Khe means "stream" in Vietnamese) at coordinates 027562
Along Route 9 east of "the Rockpile," towards Cam Lo.

Hooch in the Montagnard section of Cam Lo Ville.

The "Rock Crusher" between Cam Lo and "the Rockpile." My friend Steve Kearn
From Andover, MA was stationed here as a SeaBee during this time period.

A view from Route 9 looking north towards Con Thien (the Hill of Angels).
Con Thien was just a "bump" (not a real hill) and was a part of "Leatherneck Square" which saw alot of action in 1967-1968.

Dong Ha. Must be an outhouse burning in the background.

May 1, 1969 -- On the boat heading to Cua Viet.

A bombed out villa by the riverside.
I think the 2nd guy from the right is Mike Harper (81mm FO). I think to his right is Dennis Gengler.

More "Grunts on a boat."

At Cua Viet, three drunk Marines and a dead snake.
(L to R) Sam Dever (60mm), myself and Dennis "Jingles" Gengler (Co. RO).

May 4, 1969 -- Ken Freeto (60mm) and myself on Otter, heading north from Cua Viet up to Oceanview.

To the bottom left front was the Company Gunnery Sgt. George Olivar.
A Cua Viet watchtower stands in the background.

Rick Annis (60mm) standing by rear door of Otter.

Otters moving up the beach, north to Oceanview.
My RO and I went with 2nd platoon and 60mm people.

A "Duster" at Oceanview. The "Duster" had twin 40mm guns on a tank body and could raise havoc.

Naval Gunfire tower at Oceanview.

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